About UsOur Philosophy

At Life SCC, we aim to look out for the needs of our children from all aspects. We design programmes and activities for them, providing them a platform to develop their potential with us.


Life SCC has programmes and activities that aim to meet the broad range of a child’s recreational, physical and creative needs outside school hours.


Life SCC has a caring team of quality staff that help to reinforce and guide the child in their school work and other intellectual and brain teasing activities.


Life SCC develops the child emotionally through our character building program. This helps the child to acquire life skills and values which help them deal with the challenges in life. Life SCC also provides counselling for students that require it.

Our Executive Team

(from left to right): Mr Colin Chan (Treasurer), Mr Victor Chan (Operations Manager), Mr Choong Chan Yong (Board Member), Mr Victor Loo (Chairman), Mr Richard Ong (Board Member), Mr Roger Lim (Board Member) and Mdm Linda Ying (Admin/Planning Manager)


Victor Chan

Operations Manager

Mr Victor Chan has more than 14 years of experience in the setting up and running of school-based student care centres. He collaborates closely with the school’s executive committee in ensuring the smooth running of day-to-day activities within the student care centres. He is a Diploma graduate, and has a Specialist Diploma in Counselling Psychology. Additionally, he has a Certificate in Children Services (After School Hours) and a Certificate in Phonology.

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Linda Chan

Admin Manager

Mrs Linda Chan has more than 14 years of experience in the setting up and running of school-based student care centres. She accomplishes staff results by planning, monitoring, and appraising job results. Her experience includes coaching, counselling, coordinating and enforcing systems, policies, and procedures for the company. Additionally, she has a Certificate in Children Services (After School Hours).

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Our HistoryTimeline


Life SCC Ltd, was founded in 1998, and was formally known as Life SCC Ministry. We have 16 years of experience providing quality educational services and student care services to thousands of students in the Northern Region of Singapore.


With every batch of student comes a new challenge. We constantly send our staff for training to upgrade their skills to provide better and quality care for the child. We develop our framework to fit the child and adapt new methods to inculcate vales and instill character development.

Modern Times

With new programs and activities that help the child to Excite, Engage and Explore, Life SCC encourages fun through learning whilst fostering creativity and resourcefulness. We aim to develop the self-esteem and resilience of the child and also build their social skills, helping the child to excel whilst keeping hold of their youthful exuberance.

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